Ch. Abellio's Sweet Aggie "Aggie"

Date of Birth: July 17, 2007.
Dam:  Knighterrant's Amazing Grace
Sire: Ch. Therecco's Dragon Knighterrant

PRA clear by parentage, CERF, PennHip shows that Brownie's hips are normal and tighter than 60% of the 
Mastiffs tested, OFA hips Good and OFA elbows is normal. Brownie is a carrier of the long haired gene.
OFA Test Result Page
Proven: yes, one litter of 5 puppies in March 2010

Colour: apricot brindle

Brownie had been bred the beginning of February and had an ultrasound showing no puppies. The ultrasound was to be repeated in two weeks. She developed an open pyometria - infection of the uterus. She started a course of antibiotics and was spayed next Tuesday March 19th due to her age. With an open pyo you have to treat then breed again the next heat and if the dog does not get pregnant they can develop pyometria again. This is life threatening - so we would not take a chance. Brownie was retired to enjoy the good life with us.

Ch. Knighterrant's Heavy Duty "Diesel"



​Date of birth:  March 21, 2010
Sire: Ch. Therecco's Dragon Knighterrant (apricot brindle)
Dam: Knighterrant's Cookie Monster (fawn brindle)

Owners: Dave and Joanne Swift and David and Jennifer Gabriel
Breeder: Dave and Joanne Swift      

Testing: (certificates are below)
PRA clear by parentage, CERF done (breeder option), Canine Multifocal Retinopathy (CMR1) clear by DNA, OFA Cardiac, OFA hips good, PennHip tighter than 90% of the mastiffs x-rayed to date, Elbows x-rayed, Coat length DNA clear - does not carry the long haired gene. Von Willebrand's normal, Thyroid normal. 
OFA Results page

Proven: Yes 
Colour: Brindle
Weight: 250 pounds

Pedigree: listed below

Diesel has given us many awesome puppies. He is older now and unable to produce. He will retire and enjoy the good life with his family, Dave and Jennifer.


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Knighterrant's Little Jezzebel "Jazz"   

Date of Birth: June 2nd 2006.

Dam: Baskerville's Midnight Rosalita "Lita" (brindle)
Owner and Breeder Debra Eccles.
Sire: Ch. Cape Wind's Three Run Odyssey CGC, TDI, TT "Homer" (apricot)
Co-owners Geri MacDonald and Kim Berube

Owners: Dave and Joanne Swift

PRA clear by parentage. CERF, prelim hips excellent by OFA and elbows normal. OFA heart. Thyroid and Von Willebrand's Normal. PennHip - tighter than 100% of the dogs previously tested with no radiographic evidence of degenerative joint disease.
OFA Test Result Page
Proven: yes

Colour: apricot brindle

Date of Birth: July 17, 2007.
Dam:  Knighterrant's Amazing Grace
Sire: Ch. Therecco's Dragon Knighterrant

Jazz is PRA clear by parentage, CERF, OFA hips Good, OFA elbows normal, OFA Thyroid, VonWillebrand's Disease normal.
Jazz does not carry the long haired gene. 
OFA Test Results Page
Proven: Yes

Colour: apricot

Jazz had a really rough delivery of puppies in November with only one surviving. She has an abnormal birth canal. For Jazz's safety we retired her. Jazz went to a new home May 11th weekend and is doing very well. We do not normally place our breeding stock however she was having issues with some of the other girls and has really benefited from being the only dog in the house in her new home.

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Date of Birth: November 17th, 2010.
Dam: AM CAN Ch. Fireside's Major League Delight (Delhia)
Sire: AUST. Ch. Yanoor Tip O The Iceberg (Clinton)
Testing: CERF, PennHip Normal and tighter than 60% of the mastiffs that have had PennHip done. OFA elbows normal.  
OFA Test Results Page. See documents above.
Proven: Yes, 2 prior litters, 2 and 4 puppies.
Colour: Fawn Brindle
Weight: 250 pounds

We tried to breed Aggie unsuccessfully several other times. She has been retired to live the good life with us.

Knighterrant's Girl Scout "Brownie"

Ch. Therecco's Dragon Knighterrant T.T.

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Knighterrant Mastiffs