Jazz x Diesel Litter 2012

5 beautiful puppies born naturally March 13th, 2010...with updates on 3 in the photos below. This litter included Kenzie (Sherman's mom) and Cayla (Claira's mom)

7 Puppies

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Cookie x Dragon Litter 2011

Grace x Aiden Litter 2005

Brownie x Dozer Litter 2010

Previous Litters

Grace x Dragon Litter 2007

10 puppies born September 14th 2006 (Included Cookie and Harry).

9 puppies were born May 5th.
 "Marty", Brindle female no collar "Bella" with Grey collared brindle female "Emma" behind her, Brown collared brindle male "Henry", Blue collared brindle female (Sky), Fawn female "Eleanor", Black collared brindle female "Taffy", Fawn Male "Axl", and Orange collared brindle female (Sunny). 

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There were 6 puppies but only one survived birth and the first 2 days of life due to complications with delivery.

7 puppies born March 22nd 2010, including Diesel and Ella. 

9 puppies born July 17, 2007. Includes Brownie and Jazz.

Princess x Aiden Litter 2005

Cookie x Dragon Litter 2010

7 Puppies, born June 3, 2005, included Bear.

Grace x Bubba Litter 2006

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